1. Masks
2. School of Motion
3. Styleframes (var.)
4. Deskercise
5. Meditate
6. Her Mother’s Eyes
7. Inspire Sleep
8.The Third Industrial Revolution

9.  Misc.
10. Goopy Drawings 1
11. Goopy Drawings 2
12. The Idea Tree

13. YuMOVE
14. Splash! The Musical

15. The Door

Emory Allen 
Director & Illustrator

photo by AJ Haines
Minnesota transplant Emory Allen specializes in short animations and whimsical characters. Inspired equally by Jim Henson, John Carpenter, and Wolverine, his work is the product of an adult that is afraid to forget what it was like being a kid. His unique brand of storytelling has been recognized by Adobe, HOW, Vimeo, The Huffington Post, among others.

Emory Allen is a Director & Illustrator that explores his insecurities through moving images.
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